25 June 2016


 June 25, 2016

The moment your love gets accepted, it feels like he/she is everything to you. You are ready to change and do anything for your love.


But the thing is, if you really want to be happy being in a relationship, then there has to be limits. There are certain things (good and bad) that you should never give up. Of course, you might have fights here and there – that’s common in any relationship. If you’re looking for a quick cure for your relationship problems, check out this top relationship killers roundup from Maiwismann that offers a boatload of tips from experts who’ve seen it all! The point is, by knowing what should not compromise on, you can lead a better life.

Here are 10 things you should never give up when you’re in love.


1. Your self-esteem


No matter what problems you have with your partner, you should never forget who you are. Do not give up your self-esteem, self-belief, or confidence at any point. These qualities made who you are and they should travel with you forever if you wish to accomplish your goals in life. A good partner is one who understands you and feels secure being with a person who always remains the same to himself and to her.


2. Your personal and financial independence


Your personal and financial interests may not be the same as your partner. But, let’s say you wish to spend a portion of your monthly earnings going on an adventurous trip over the weekend or attending swimming classes and your wife doesn’t allow you to do. Listen, these are the little things that make you happy. Relationship is a part of your life but that shouldn’t restrict you from doing things you like. Maintain separate bank accounts even if your wife insists on having a joint account. Have some freedom in making personal and financial decisions for yourself.


3. Your freedom of choice


If you are passionate about something, then don’t let anyone criticize you for your temporary failures. Never allow your partner to influence your decisions and gain control over you. You choose the right to do what you love, and at the end of the day your spouse should be the supporting factor to help you reach your goals. He/she shouldn’t be your source of distraction.


4. Your right to be you


Sometimes, it might seem like being very true and honest in a relationship hurts. There could be instances when you feel that wearing a fake smile or giving a fake hug instead of showing your frustration over your partner’s mistake might help. But, never do that. Be yourself, let your partner understand that you will never change according to the situation or timing.


5. Your Happiness


If you feel unhappy being in a relationship, do not hesitate to breakup. Some people feel better staying in a bad relationship than being alone, but that only makes your life more miserable. A relationship is worth it only when your partner loves and respects you for what you are.     


6. Your dreams and goals


The world can produce more Bill Gates and Steve Jobs if everyone pursues their passion and works hard for it. But unfortunately, not all spouses are as supportive as the wives/husbands of billionaires. If you have a dream, follow it – don’t let your spouse decide what you should do for a living.


7. Existing relationships


Other than your partner, you might have some great people who have been with you through your struggles such as your childhood friends (it could also be the opposite gender). Your partner, after coming into your life, should be someone who respects your old relationships and not be the kind of person that is negative to your best relationships. Good people are hard to come by, so you should never leave your childhood friends because your new partner has ordered you to.


8. Your self-respect


There are few things that need a boundary – and that boundary should never be crossed. Never sacrifice your self-respect in a relationship. Once you lose it, you lose your value and that’s when you’ll be treated badly. Never encourage your partner to treat you in a disrespectful manner.


9. Your identity


When you are too close to someone, it’s quite possible that some of your habits and interests might get influenced by theirs. It’s a part of the bonding – the more you talk to a person and the more you observe, it’s likely that some of their characteristics stick to you. However, make sure you don’t change to an extent where you become more of your partner’s clone. Always maintain your own identity.


10. Your decision-making power


It’s very obvious that after falling in love, people lose some of their respectable qualities. A powerful tiger can become a quiet cat if it obeys its partners all the time. It’s not wrong to say that the best decisions should be taken by the best person, but in order to make the relationship healthy, it’s important that both people’s inputs are considered and valued before arriving at a conclusion.


These are some things you should never give up after getting committed.


Stay happy!



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Kafe is a writer at Majwismann.com, a site that offers tips on love and relationship to help couples learn how to strengthen their physical and emotional bonding and lead a happy life.




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