30 October 2013


 October 30, 2013

“I’ve seen people fight harder for their favorite NFL team than they will for their mate or relationship!” Yup this line came came to my mind one Sunday as I got to experience the Cowboys and Redskins fans go at it in the AT&T stadium in Dallas! I must say the stadium was amazing and the atmosphere was electric, but the thing that stood out was the loyalty of the fans. Then I got to thinking…what if we were our spouses’ #1 fans…how might things be different? Here are 4 qualities of a diehard fan!

1) Loyalty

The loyalty of a fan runs deep and they will defend their team by any means necessary! Seriously, have you ever seen loyal fans get into it if you say something about their team? They will debate you to the death throwing out statistics and you will think twice about speaking ill of their team again. Why don’t we do that with our mates? Instead we will speak ill of our mates to others and then wonder why others aren’t fans of him or her. Remember just like you chose to be a fan of a team you also chose to be with your mate. Your team isn’t nearly as big of a reflection of you as your mate is so make sure you are just as loyal to him or her!

2) Support

Real fans support their team with their energy, time, and resources. A fan will spend all day tailgating and watching the game, hard earned money on overpriced tickets, and go on emotional roller coasters with highs and lows of the scoreboard. Those same fans will complain about not having the time to spend dating their spouse, the money to help support his or her dream, or the emotion needed to expressing how they feel about their mate. Wow, when you put it like that it sinks in doesn’t it? If you are going to be your mate’s number 1 fan, then your support for that person must be just as unwavering as your support for your team! Besides that’s the quarterback that will need you to cheer them on most!

3) Consistency

Real fans are consistent! They don’t jump on bandwagons and aren’t fair weather supporters. They will endure losing seasons but still wear the jersey proudly. They won’t be a Cowboys fan today, Eagles fan tomorrow, and Giants fan the next year. That’s the same consistency that your mate needs. If they got laid off tomorrow or if they got hurt and put on injured reserve would you still be their number one fan?

4) Passion

I’m amazed at some of the passionate arguments I see when watching fans debate about their teams. The raw and uninhibited emotion reminds me of how passionate couples are when their relationships and marriages are new and full of lust. They can’t keep their hands off of each other and are willing to do whatever it takes to see the other person happy. WOW I know some people reading this want that old thing back!

The bottom line is that people go really hard for their teams and will do whatever it takes to see them win. So again the question becomes what are you willing to do to win in your relationship? What if you were your mate’s #1 fan!?



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