12 February 2014


 February 12, 2014

So I just happened to be digging through the “google” crates today and I came across something that I got a kick out of! Anybody who has ever watched my Introduction video Allow Me To Introduce Myself, knows that we discussed the fact that back in the day I was “that guy.” I was that friend who people came to not just for advice, but also to write a good poem or letter for their love interest at the time (now that I look back I should have charged for those services! lol). Well I happened to run across some old Valentine’s Day poems of mine on an old site called My Poetic Reality. I found a few that I wrote for other people back in like 2002! I just thought it would be cool to share one with you called “My Angel.” Like I said in my video…”I’ve always been a writer, God just took out of me what was already in me.” Enjoy and check out some of the others…(the funniest thing on the site is where I describe myself as 5’10, 165 pounds with caramel complexion…how young and corny was I! HA)


My Angel

4 years ago I found an angel and I didn’t know how to act or what to do

I found a woman who was beautiful, compassionate, loyal, and true


I found a woman whose smile could brighten up the darkest sky

A woman whose touch could send mind, body, and soul on an emotional high


I found a woman whose eyes I got lost in and never wanted to escape

A woman whom only god himself could manage to create


I found a woman who clenched my hand and managed to grab my heart

A woman from whom I hope and pray I will never grow apart


I found a woman who filled that empty space mingling in my soul

A woman who is always there and has made me whole


I found a woman whom I wish to drown in my pool of love

A woman whom can be nothing less than a gift from above


I found a woman whom I wish to give my everything, my all

A woman who still remains by my side, even when I fall


I found a woman who makes my heart smile with just the sound of her voice

A woman that assures me that I’ve made the right the decision, the right choice


I found a woman who I could never write enough about

A woman who I can say has the key to me heart with no worries, no doubt


I found a woman who doesn’t deserve love on just certain days, and at certain times

I found a woman who to me, everyday she is worth being called a VALENTINE


4 years ago I found an angel and I didn’t know how to act or what to do

4 years past and now I know that truly all I need is to continue loving you.




Angel of Mine



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