18 February 2014


 February 18, 2014

The truth is that as men we are taught a lot of things about manhood, but one thing many of us aren’t taught is how to love! In my latest piece with Black and Married With Kids I give 5 good tips for men on how to love their women better! Check them out here 5 Behaviors Men May Have to Unlearn to Love Their Women Better!



2 responses on “5 Behaviors Men May Have to Unlearn to Love Their Women Better

  1. Lance Basjan says:

    I’ve had marraige problems for years . we dont share a bed , just the occasional sex , but no intemacy . she says I never stood up for her when my family made sly comments . & I never provided her with security . I dont know wht to do.

    • Troy Spry says:

      Lance I hate to hear about your problems but there is always hope. You have to communicate (not argue) with your wife about what it is that she needs from you. You need to acknowledge your wrong doing in the past and then the two of you can put together a plan for the future. I would love to help. Email me at xklusive5@gmail.com

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