31 March 2015


 March 31, 2015

I LOVE MY MAMA so trust me, I know what a mother’s love feels like. As men that feeling never gets old, but we have to learn when to let go. I felt the need to write this piece because I have to admit that one of the top 5 issues that women come to me with as a relationship coach is their frustration with MAMA’S BOYS! Sometimes I ask men the question “Who comes first, wife or mom?” and I’m always surprised at the amount of men who say mom. Ladies, here are five signs that you are dealing with a mama’s boy and fellas if you see yourself in this list you might want to do a gut check!

(P.S. Before all of the fellas say, “Well what about these daddy’s girls?!” you know me, so you know I’m coming with a part 2 so stay tuned!) 5 Signs that You’re With a Mama’s Boy and How to Handle it




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