29 August 2013


 August 29, 2013

“WOW…this is too good to be true!”…. “I have never felt this way about anyone.”…. “I just want to spend every minute with you.” Yes everyone has experienced this feeling before while dating and meeting someone new that we think is perfect. A few texts, Skype’s, and dates later and we think we are in love.

I say….SLOW DOWN!!!

Emotions and feelings can be so strong so fast that I often get the question “When should I tell someone I love them?” Well I answered this question in this article entitled 5 Things To Think About Before Saying I Love You! For you daters out there my friends over at www.DatingAdvice.com, who featured this article, is an all-inclusive dating resource website featuring numerous experts on dating topics! They also take the time to review dating sites! Check out my article and please leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thanks Xklusive Thoughts Fam!



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