20 December 2014


 December 20, 2014

“I don’t care!” That’s what we really want to say when you ask 1000 questions about something that we really don’t have an opinion about. You get mad because we act like we don’t have anything to say, but the truth is that we REALLY just didn’t have anything to say. Ok, so to avoid anymore disagreements ladies, these are just a few things that men really don’t care very much about! Follow me….

1) We really don’t care that much about Christmas cards & Birthday Gifts.

Ok, I know Christmas is coming up and I know it’s your Mom’s birthday but you can have all of the details. Ladies, I hate to burst your bubble here, but most of us men don’t really care that much about what Christmas card you decide to send out to friends and family or what kind of birthday gift you get for family members that’s “from us.” This is why when you ask our opinion about it, we give you the “yup…looks good” answer! What the card says, whether it’s Hallmark, whether it sings, or whether it’s the black “Mohogany” brand…it doesn’t make much of a difference to us. Besides it’s the “thought that counts” anyway right! HA!   Things Women MUST Know That Men Don’t Care About!






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