24 December 2014


 December 24, 2014

Soooo many times, women say they want to know what men really think. They say they want the “male perspective,” but I’m often amazed at how when they get that perspective, they proceed to tell men why their perspective is wrong. NEWS FLASH, just because our perspective is different than yours, doesn’t make our perspective WRONG! Let me clear the air with these 6 BIG things men want you to know about them!

Yup, I know they told you he wasn’t allowed to have feelings but guess what, when he came out of the womb he cried too! I know they told you, that you could stomp all over his emotions and he should be strong enough to just “take it.” Well, the truth of the matter is, just because he doesn’t express emotion in the way that you do, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have them.  6 BIG Things Your Man Wants You to Know About Him





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