1 January 2015


 January 1, 2015

The old cliche “always a bridesmaid never a bride” is usually said with the intention of making a woman feel bad for not having a husband yet. It’s usually followed by some attempt to give a woman advice on how to “get a man” yet, it falls on deaf ears because she already tired of hearing it. Well, since she is tired of hearing it, I’ve decided to take a second and flip the narrative to “always a groomsman, never a groom!” Okay, so come follow me….

First thing’s first, as much as people don’t believe it, men desire marriage too! This is never more evident than when you’re at a wedding and after a few drinks the single men will pull the married men to the side and ask the probing “pre-marriage” questions like:

“How is it being married?”

“So how did you know your wife was ‘the one?’”

“What’s the secret to marriage?”

“Can you really be with the same woman forever?”

Those are just a few questions amongst many more that men will ask, and what you won’t believe is that it’s usually the one who is considered the biggest “player” of them all asking away!   Always a Groomsmen Never A Groom




One response on “Always a Groomsmen Never A Groom

  1. Andrea says:

    Well, well, well! You learn something new every day. I always wondered whether or not married men ever give advice to their single friends and does seeing their friends in healthy marriages influence them to seek out a wife.

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