27 June 2016


 June 27, 2016

Xklusive Thoughts Family I don't know if you've been paying attention but I have joined forces with some other great experts and we are taking things to the next level!! Me along with matchmaker and founder of RealBlackLove.com and RealBlackLove dating app, Joseph Dixon, the founder of HawuLife.com Eddie Love, and founder of mdkentertainmentllc.com, Author Mario D. King have teamed up! We are giving you a fresh male perspective and answers to your dating and relationship questions from 4 good brothers with their own missions and desires to make a difference in dating, relationships and communities! 

We introduced the concept with EPISODE 1 and the audience responded in a major way with thousands of views and many many shares and so here we have followed up with EPISODE 2! Questions are coming in on a daily basis and we are excited about getting you the REAL answers from our perspective! 

In fact here is a snippet of one of our most popular questions right here about the "independent woman"… Ask A Real Man Short Snippet!!

Ask A Real Man Episode 2 Pic







We hope that you will continue to go on this journey with us as we grow the movement and rememeber this is just our opinions so sometimes we may have to agree to disagree! If you like what we are doing though we ask that you share the videos as they come out and you tell a friend to tell a friend! Big things are coming but at the end of the day we want to use our platforms not just to entertain but to make a difference!  Thanks for all of the support! 

P.S. If you would like to submit a question you can do so by visiting Ask A Real Man and you can submit your questions there! 




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