19 August 2013


 August 19, 2013

“Behind every great man there is a great woman!” Yup that’s what they say and as much as us men would love to think that we do it all on our own that is far from the truth! Even as little boys we were always looking for mom’s support and approval. Do you think that all of these mamas’ boys just came from nowhere!? HA! Well even as grown men we still need our women. We need their soft touch, we need their support, and we need them to be proud of us. That encouragement from our wives means more than we would ever admit! Well my friend Martine Foreman from JustDiva Daily captured a few husbands who aren’t afraid to admit that just a few words from their wives mean the world. I am included as one of those men on her great post on the Mommy Noire website. Check out my feature as well as some other words that husbands really want to hear! 6 Things Your Husband Really Wants To Hear!


Ladies remember A Woman’s Worth and that with your support we feel like we can move mountains, so don’t ever underestimate your impact. “Behind every great man there is a great woman!” Believe That!



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