19 May 2016


 May 19, 2016

Forget acting like a success, I’m going to absolutely BE a success now! I must say that the Steve Harvey Act Like a Success team truly knows how to put on an inspiring event! When you have that many powerful and successful people in one room together something profound is going to be said and the energy is amazing!

alas squad and doreen

Doreen Rainey was the fearless leader and gracious host of the event who had so many powerful words of encouragement and wisdom. One of my favorite quotes form her was…

“When things fall apart it’s not that you can’t crawl in the bed, you just can’t stay there!”



A highlight for me was hearing the Money Maven Patrice Washington speak as well! Her story is so inspiring and her purpose and mission are even more encouraging. I have so many great takeaways and quotes from her but here a few of my favorites.

troy and patrice 3

“You can be committed to your vision without being attached to how you get there!”

“Working harder does not guarantee you more money!” WELP!

“Some of us are so busy competing that we miss the gift has for us!”

Finally, the thing I got such a good laugh out of us was “everybody is so busy working on their Facebooking, or their periscoping…” (You had to be there to get that inside joke!) HA

Her big focus was bringing to light the fact that sometimes you aren’t getting what you want from your movement because the marketplace you are serving:


1) Isn’t convinced

2) Is confused

3) Doesn’t see consistency

In other words, it’s time to get busy and committed to your dream because in the words of Patrice “When people see what you’re WORKING on they know what you’re WAITING on!”

patrice slideI attended a breakout session with Jennifer Kem and she let me know from the beginning that I need to step my marketing game up! Her success in business at such a young age was enlightening but the story of her losing it all and then rebuilding was amazing. Here are some of my favorite quotes and takeaways from Jennifer.

“You can have great content but the key is getting SEEN and being HEARD!”

“The thing stopping you from getting to the next level is you have a big BUTT…I would do this BUT, I would do that BUT!”

“There is a difference between an AUDIENCE and a CLIENT!”




Jennifer said 85% of my time should be spend on marketing and I’m listening loud and clear!


Of course Dr. Steve Harvey himself made two big appearances on stage and he shared so much knowledge. Many people see Steve’s success but they don’t know what he has been through to get where he is and they also don’t know his struggle. The man wants to be successful so bad that he barely sleeps or takes a day off.  I feel so blessed to have been invited to be on the social media team for this conference so I have to make sure to share some of the gems from Dr. Steve himself!

“Once you’ve identified your gift you have to attach it to the right vehicle”

“You have not because you ask not”

“Inch by inch anything’s a cinch”

In typical Steve fashion you know he had to give us some Ohio slang quotes like

“Have you ever done something you aint!” HA!

Steve also had to make a quick Think Like a Lady side note as he told the ladies: “Don’t let a man have to tell you twice that he don’t want you,” and “sometimes the BREAKUP is the BLESSING!”

You have to love how real and authentic Steve is and he is very transparent about the fact the journey to success isn’t easy but it is worth it. He was very clear about the fact that God has been his guide and his strength but he learned that “you earn Gods trust by how you handle the process!”

steve 2Overall the Act Like a Success Conference was a success and I know it blessed people from all over. People’s lives were changed for the better and I am blessed to have been a part of it. Now not only do others need to go chase their dreams but I am committed to chasing mine as well!

Now Steve since you said we have not because we ask not I am asking you and your team to help me finish teaching the world how to love by spreading the word about my new book Teach Me How to Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You! (I ain’t too proud to plug!)






troy spry alas nametage“I have partnered with Purpose Driven Media and am a member of the Act Like a Success Blogger Team. They provided me with compensation for this event coverage. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own."


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