13 March 2016


 March 13, 2016
Category: Relationships

Don't know what to wear to the #TeachMeHow2Love book launch party!? Here's what my stylist, L.B. Jackson from Www.LBJacksonCo.com  suggests!

Style yourself for the tone of the event, keeping with the idea of lasting appeal in any images that may be captured by the photographer!

1. Perfect your youthful-but-seasoned-guy appeal with a jacket that captures your cocktail-party-cool.

Perhaps the collar is colored, or there's the unexpected elbow patch, or even the double-cuffed jacket sleeve ending in a knit finish or killer cuff link at your wrist. We're talking a sportcoat or on-trend blazer. Bow tie definitely not required.

2.Business in the front with a hint of feminine wiles in the back.

For many, there's nothing like a well draped pencil skirt or similarly classic silhouette. Statistics show that most people find subtle sexiness more appealing and inviting. Show up in the fit, length, and silhouette that best represent you and the author's mission for his readers. Afterall, you are learning how to get to love, not those likes.

3. The knit V & a good tee.

A classic victory for mens style. Dare to layer a neutral v-neck under your lightweight jacket or pair the knit and tee with the elements of number 1. Cotton and cashmere alike will work in getting you to clean-cut yet comfortable.

4. Complement your signed copy of Teach Me How to Love!

Accessorize in hues of red or make a crisp white Oxford button down shirt your base. On trend all black with a red matte lip; 'nough said. There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

5. Make it look easy.

Deceptively dressed up in well made denim or casually impressionistic in a soft pair of chinos, appearing as if you didn't put the thought into your look that we know you did. Oh yes, we're impressed…

6. Mean business by way of the shoe.

Straight up and to the point, toss your style statement directly to a photo worthy classic-chic look with a fresh pair of pumps.

Enjoy, have fun, and I'll see you there! If you're feeling better about your outfit now and want to RSVP you can do so at #TEACHMEHOW2LOVE BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!

-L.B. Jackson



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