31 March 2014


 March 31, 2014

Face to face…pelvis to pelvis…body to body! With every kiss your body tingles, and with every touch you get weaker until finally you both melt. Two bodies become one as you get lost in each other’s skin and every breath is in sync…shhhhhhhh….can you hear that? That’s the sound of trust coming from each moan…STOP…can you feel that? That’s the feeling of security coming with each embrace. WAIT…can you taste that? That’s the taste of loyalty all over those lips. As your eyes meet you see each other’s soul…you’ve never felt intimacy like this before, but you know you don’t want it to end.

Remember those days? Maybe it was months ago or years ago, but you said you didn’t want it to end. Then life got in the way…maybe children got in the way or careers got in the way. You started viewing sex as a job and necessary evil instead of time to connect and share with your mate. MAYBE it’s time to take a trip back in time. As couples we must remember that the art of sex and intimacy is a huge component to staying connected physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. We can talk until we have no more words, and we can have dates nights with the best of them, but there is just something about the vulnerability and the nakedness involved in making love to the one you love.

HOLD ON…slow down…take your time. Kiss her on her neck until she begins to feel that tingle in her toes. Rub your fingers down the spine of his back. Kiss her passionately and you grab him and squeeze him tightly letting him know that you don’t ever want to let him go. Treat her body like a canvas and take your time and paint it with pleasure, passion, and maybe even a little pain. Steal all of her insecurities by the way you look at her and let him know he is your king by the way you serve him.

Sharing these next level experiences with your mate lets him or her know that you care about how satisfied they will be. It conveys that sex isn’t just a job that you have to do, but it’s an experience that you are lucky enough to enjoy together. This isn’t to say that sometimes a good quickie isn’t needed and sometimes it can’t be just raw, animalistic SEX because we need those too! Sometimes life happens but that doesn’t mean that your intimate sexual relations should suffer; it just means that you might have to work to keep it a priority. Your sexual connection with your mate should be something you put effort and time into. Besides who doesn’t like a good orgasm!!!!



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