14 October 2014


 October 14, 2014

I was listening to Ronnie and Lamar Tyler speak in video 2 of their 3 part video series about transforming your marriage and one thing in particularly stood out to me. They said, “We literally NEED your marriage to work!” Now you may be thinking, “Well what does my marriage have to do with you or them?” Well, the truth of the matter is that your marriage matters not to just you but it matters to many other people as well. That’s why it is so important that we take them seriously, give ourselves the best chance at success and that we do what it takes to keep our marriages strong.  In other words, your marriage isn’t all about you.

Here are a few people that your marriage matters to and why it’s bigger than you!

Your Children

Yes I know the world has convinced so many of us that it doesn’t really matter if we are married or if we have healthy marriages. The idea of co-parenting has become popular because many want the children without the commitment to a spouse. Even if the institution of marriage isn’t a priority to you, and maybe it’s just “a piece of paper,” but to that child – the structure and security of that institution means a whole lot.

Why Your Marriage Isn’t All About You!






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