30 July 2014


 July 30, 2014


Age: 34

Birth Month: September

City: Columbia, SC

Fun Facts:
I’m the youngest of 7 children. I love competition and physical activities. I bowl, play volleyball and softball, and I also practice martial arts. I’m always game for a physical challenge!

What do you value in a woman?
Some things I value in a woman are honesty, loyalty, nurturing ability, her intelligence and an outgoing spirit. I’m also seeking a woman who has a good sense of humor and is fun to be around. I want to have a family one day so a woman that I can have different levels of intimacy with who also take care of her household is very important to me. Although I admire a woman who is a good mom, my preference is to date someone with no children.


In Action!



Ryan at Work


Ryan on the Paintball Field



Ryan Training in Martial Arts

Find Ryan on the Net:
Instagram – bigcope923

Ryan has a lot going for him. He is serious about not only finding a good woman, but about finding a future wife!

Don’t be shy…If you would like to get to know Ryan a little better send him an email and at least one picture to:
Email: Copeland.Ryan@gmail.com

Thanks and I hope you make a great connection!




Disclaimer: Xklusive Thoughts is not/nor has ever represented itself as a dating agency. We are not responsible for dates, or any other arrangements that may turn out be negative in any capacity, up to and including any criminal behavior. Our sole purpose is to provide bachelors with an avenue to be recognized.





2 responses on “Meet Ryan, Xklusive Bachelor!

  1. Shawn Bell says:

    He’s a cutie! Thanks for the post.

  2. Angela Stephens says:

    Seems like he knows what he wants and very handsome.. I hope he finds his wife!

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