Radio Interview - Men Must Acknowledge That a Woman's Intellect...

6 February 2014


 February 6, 2014

Men Must Acknowledge That a Woman’s Intellect is More Valuable Than Her Sensuality

In this episode Jay is joined by Troy Spry to discuss why men must begin acknowledging a woman for her intellectual value and not just the physical pleasure that he can derive from her. We will examine the role that immaturity plays in some men’s desire for beauty over brains, how a woman can look sexy and still let her intellect lead, the role of trophy wives…and husbands, how to discern if a woman is a valuable helpmeet to a man and so much more! Plus, you’ll enjoy great music from Adrian Marcel and Eric Bellinger. Press play, kick back, relax and enjoy! Guest: Troy Spry (@XKLUSIVE5; Website: Twitter: @iamJayMayo Email:


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