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  • I just want to take a moment to say ‘thank you’ to Troy. No matter your age, there are always some things you don’t have insight into. That’s why Troy is such an awesome coach. By talking with him and listening to his perspective, I avoided mistakes that could have cost me the relationship with the amazing man I had recently met. Ladies, you don’t think like a man, no matter how much you think you know. Let a wise and insightful coach like Troy, help you navigate your way into the relationship you always dreamed of. Again, thank you!



  • I encourage everyone, whether you're single, dating or married to read this book!! This open and honest approach to "changing your mindset" is just what everyone needs to create and/or maintain healthy and happy relationships! This book touches on the needs of both men and women in relationships and addresses many of the misconceptions that may be causing more harm than good to your relationship! Troy Spry isn't just talking about what he's heard but teaching from experience and he is serving us all with a little needed tough love and "reality check" to help us all love one another better. We will all see some of ourselves in the real life scenarios but best part is Troy doesn't just point out the changes needed but offers up suggestions to improve our relationships! Read this book with an open heart and willingness to change your mindset and watch your relationships improve! #teachmehow2love

  • This is a book that looks at love and relationships from many sides. It explores what happens when they're going wrong and what you can do to help steer them in a better direction. The book also discusses what INDIVIDUALS need to do before committing to someone else, or attempting to. There are also some things that will make you laugh, make you slightly uncomfortable because you have to self reflect, but above all it will motivate you to do the work needed to be the best version of you possible. Not too long or drawn out but full of good info. Overall very good read.

  • Troy Spry is an Amazing and Genuine person. This Book is such a Blessing to anyone who is broken or confused or needing some clarity. When I read this book it picked me up and reminded me that I am valuable and to see myself with out the rose color glasses. I have highlighted and taken notes! Thanks Troy, you are amazing! Hurry get a copy now, I can't wait too see what God has in store for his future!


  • I highly encourage this easy and insightful read for anyone who is looking for, has fallen out of, or who is currently in love. Troy so refreshingly illustrates where so many people make mistakes in relationships and offers up insight on how to change your mindset and actions in such an encouraging way. Got some good convicting laughs, some personal realizations, and even more inspiration to be a better wife! It's more of a love bible than a how to book and you feel like Troy is speaking right to you. I look forward to reading this at different seasons in my marriage!

    Kelsey Gravely

  • This book is a refreshing perspective on dating, relationships, and self worth for men and women. It really helps you challenge your thinking and change your mindset with regard to how your perceive love.

    Cd LcRobinson

  • Very insightful material. This book takes the reader through a detailed, practical look at the full spectrum of long term romantic relationships, from the dating process to marriage and beyond. It challenges the reader to take a fresh, honest look at the constants and variables of being in a relationship, while inviting them to be an active participant in the ongoing development of that learning process. If you are serious about healthy romantic relationships (whether single or involved), and are seeking resources to help refine your skills, then there is absolutely no reason why this book shouldn't be in your library.

  • I don't know how brief I can make this because there is so much that I am thankful for. Making the decision to sign up for coaching was the best thing I've done for "myself" in a while.  Troy Spry is personable, professional, realistic and has a passion for people.  Goals were set that pushed me out of my comfort zone but were attainable.  He helps you dig deep into yourself and challenges you to be honest about what's going to make you better.  Simple suggestions have and will continue to make a difference in my future. If you have participated in the LTD's or enjoyed any of the posts by Troy, I would suggest signing up for the coaching.  I truly believe that I learned something new about myself so I can be better, build better relationships and play a part in a better community. #IDIDIT4ME

    Dwana Peoples

  • If you are looking for absolute honesty and enlightenment in your relationship, then Troy Spry is the relationship coach who will do it. He challenged me to challenge myself and I realized it was all about recognizing my self-worth. I never thought I would meet someone who cared so much about how I treated myself and gave insight I haven't heard from anyone else. Troy is not about giving you small talk, he's about changing you to be a better, inspiring, and fulfilled person who's not only going to influence your life, but others around you

    Jaquay Smalls

  • Looking for nourishment for the soul? I suggest you partake of Xklusive Thoughts & Convos! Guaranteed to challenge your thinking and give meaning to “self-examination.”   Troy’s the name & reality is the game!

    Chris J. aka @Slim704

  • “Xklusive has a #LTD, Lunchtime Discussion, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12pm EST! These discussions are not only relevant to my everyday life, but are also interesting and engaging! He keeps his audience involved and informed, with his “reality” checks, and I look forward to it everyday!”

    Tiffany Anderson

  • "Xklusive Thoughts’ mentoring influence on my life has been immeasurable.  Having known this young brother for over 25 years, did not affect the mutual respect he exhibited nor did it have any bearing on his advice for me as a young professional woman seeking guidance.  My coaching session was very informative, but what impressed me the most was his insistence on keeping it real with me.  We often migrate to those who justify our bad decisions and avoid those who hold us accountable.  Troy’s ability to embrace the reality of others and offer sound advice is something that can’t be described in words.  I have and will continue to speak highly of Xklusive Thoughts and look forward to #WatchingHimWork #Be Blessed "

    Brandi Young, Nicole’s Business Solutions

  • "I was at a point of launching my blog talk segment “Empower My Love” and really desiring to have an experienced male perspective on the show. Scrolling through my timeline a tweet from Troy captured my attention. At that point I knew I had to have his presence on the show. I reached out to him and from there, “Empower My Love” launched its first show of 2013 with great success. Controversially titled “Friends with Benefits” our audience was shaken and enlightened. Troy has consistently offered a non-bias perspective to the show. I have gained continued empowerment from reading his blogs and participating in his Lunch Time Discussions on Twitter. Not only was I able to help in spotlighting Troy for the first time on blog talk radio, the benefits of our new friendship extended further (pun intended). In a life coaching conversation, Troy helped me to gather my ever working mind and focus on my job search. Within a couple weeks of him holding me accountable to actively submitting my resume, I was interviewed and hired. Victory flag in the air! I am thankful to know him at the beginning of his journey before he starts collecting his just do. His determination is relentless yet it’s not forced. He is loved by many and we gladly welcome his rebuke, correction and restoral. If it were not a title already taken I’d call him Pastor Troy. In the meanwhile he reigns in my mind as a hero in our community, appropriately known as XLKUSIVE5. I highly anticipate the unveiling of his future success. Thanks Troy!!"

    Natasha Finley, Professional Model

  • "My name is Brittany and I have been single for five years and I felt trapped from a previous eight year relationship and I needed answers because everyone was telling me what they “thought” I wanted to hear. I needed and wanted the truth! I have no idea why I created a twitter account or how I came into contact with Troy, but I’m truly grateful I did! I reached out to him with a basic simple question at first, then I reached out in a cry of help, he helped me to find answers within myself and he was honest and did not sugar coat anything and that was exactly what I needed! After reaching out to Troy, I have let the past go, I have forgiven myself and others, and I’m focusing on myself and finding out who l am! I am happy and I now know my self- worth as a woman! Troy is a wonderful man and I’m truly honored that he took time out to help me!"

    Brittany Elizabeth Ewing

  •  ”Xklusive Thoughts definitely delivers on stimulating and inner self exploratory topics; a great challenge! Troy as a life coach has the science of healthy devils advocate down to a science. All in all, the results are always personal gain.”

    L.B. Jackson, Wardrobe Stylist

  • “I have been verbally abused by mother since I was a little girl, and it still is happening this day.  Upon seeking coaching on how to handle the situation, Troy empowered me by telling me that no one had the right to abuse me, no matter who it was. I shared with him that I was not willing to break off communication with my mom. Troy then coached me on how  to speak life into her by giving her praise when appropriate; giving her the approval that she is seeking. I put Troy’s coaching to work one day and I was blessed with a beautiful productive day with my mom.  She even gave me praise that day, in her own way, but nevertheless praise.  I know my work is far from over, but with Troy’s help I don’t feel so powerless in this struggle.”


  • “Troy isn’t just a self-proclaimed, “Reality Expert,” as I can whole-heartedly agree with his description! He speaks on real life topics and relates real life sentiments that most people would be afraid to say aloud. Naugh-T Notions’ tag is, “Tell ‘em how you really feel,” and Xklusive is dear to our hearts in that he does just that!”

    E. Phillips, Owner, Naugh-T Notions, LLC

  • “Before I met Troy I was lost in the dating world but his coaching helped mold and prepare my young heart and mind for serious relationships. He gave me mentally and spiritually sound advice from the male perspective and I appreciated that. His ‘tough love’ approach was just what I needed to get back to me-the happier, less stressed me. He coaches honestly and exegetically and when you’re seeking guidance, that’s exactly what you need.”

    Aerkya M. Harvey

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