21 March 2013


 March 21, 2013

So you cheated now what!? My friends over at ISPVisions are launched another trailer to their documentary entitled “Why Do We Cheat?” Tomorrow’s trailer is focusing on some of the consequences that come along with cheating. I think it’s an important topic to address because folks are out here cheating like there is no price to pay for getting caught up! It’s almost like folks have become desensitized to the concept of cheating…that’s until something goes wrong and some consequences come into play! Let’s explore some of those consequences….

1) STD’s!

Yup I put this at the top of the list because I feel like for some reason we want to act like HIV, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis, HPV, Chlamydia and the others diseases don’t exist. Not only are folks just having sex and cheating with random people they even have the audacity to do it unprotected. So somebody help me understand how you go back and tell your wife or significant other that you may have HIV and given it to them. There is no easy way to have that conversation and I would suggest that if you have to have it that you have a police escort with you.

2) Pregnancy!

Everybody remembers Usher’s song Confessions and the line that says “This by far is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, to tell, the woman I love, that I’m having a baby by a woman that I barely even know!” Yeah please let me know how well that conversation works out for you.


So you thought it was just going to be a temporary thing between you and the person, but all of a sudden he or she thinks you now owe it to them to leave your woman or man and come be with them.  Suddenly he or she is popping up places that you and your mate are, they are calling all times of night and stalking your social media pages. Then suddenly they get up enough courage to call your significant other, or even worse they show up at your doorstep. Man oh man all I can say is “it’s about to go down!!”

4) Loss of Trust!

Okay so say you cheat and get caught, but your significant other decides to stay with you. Do you have any idea what you are going to have to go through in order to gain back their trust?  I’m talking about checking in….then checking in again…..oh and then checking in one more time. Oh and you know that at least once a week they will bring the incident back up and start an emotional argument. Now all of a sudden the person that loved and trusted you most is now going to become a very insecure mate, but you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

5) Divorce or a Break Up!

Sometimes there is no recovering from your cheating. Sometimes you lose the house, cars, money, kids, and the dog all because you were out there chasing an orgasm. Sometimes you lose the things that are most important to you and then you end up having to literally pay for that mistake with alimony. Sometimes the consequence is that you spend the rest of your life with regrets and guilt, wondering what if.

So if you look at that list of some possible consequences of cheating I guess the final question would be…is it worth it!?

Here is the trailer to the documentary entitled “Why Do We Cheat?” produced by Steven Caldwell aka @StEvenISP and Charles Proctor aka @cp5th! This is the first of a series of blogs covering the documentary!


“Why Do We Cheat” Trailer….The Consequences!



4 responses on “Was it Worth It!? 5 Consequences to Cheating.

  1. traceykinohio says:

    Four words: The movie: Fatal Attraction.
    Say no more….

  2. mstoosmooth says:

    What if he wants a open relationship but doesn’t want to end it with you. You stay under one roof and children are involved. You both have done harm but now this is what he wants. Is it love or bs????

    • It’s only okay if that’s what the both of you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Open relationships can cause more trouble than its worth especially if both parties aren’t 100% comfortable with it! Children being involved is also an issue because they need structure and need to see their parents modeling what a healthy relationship looks like. If you would ever like some coaching on this situation please contact me at xklusive5@gmail.com.

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