Why Doesn’t Your Woman Feel Beautiful Naturally?

2 September 2014


 September 2, 2014

Soooo the other night I sat at a table with my wife, sister, and another young lady and I literally listened to them talk about eyelashes for 30 minutes! As much as I wanted to get up and leave, I stuck it out just to see where else the convo would go. Well next it went to nails and OMG who knew the science that goes into choosing a nail color, type of nail, and the shelf life of a nail job.

Then, the convo shifted to makeup and I felt like I was in calculus class and my brain began to hurt! Finally, these new body shaping contraptions that women are wearing now came up and I decided to exit stage left! I say all of that to say this….the amount of effort and time and money that women, girlfriends and wives go through just to reach this societal standard of beauty is CRAZY! And what if they don’t feel they reach that standard, so she doesn’t feel beautiful anymore? Let’s talk about it….come follow me!  Why Your Wife Doesn’t Feel Beautiful Anymore





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