27 July 2014


 July 27, 2014

You’ve heard this right…“There aren’t any good men out there!” What about this? “Women are so full of games and they don’t know what they want!” Women say men aren’t serious about dating and commitment and men say they are! I even often get the question What Happened To Dating? Everyone is just killing me softly with the complaining and quite frankly I am tired of the disconnect! I want to see people dating again and showing sincere interest in one another. People with serious intentions about building happy healthy relationships, but that starts with believing that there are available suitors! Well to do my part I am launching Xklusive Bachelor of the month! Xklusive Bachelor will be a platform with the goal of helping to help change the narrative that there “aren’t any good men out there” and that “men aren’t serious about dating.” It has been my experience that there are serious men that are very interested in meeting and dating nice women, but are just looking for a certain level of quality and RECIPROCATION! This is a chance for Xklusive Thoughts to showcase good men and for them to meet nice women, as I know my audience is full of very nice, accomplished and attractive women.

Now let me preface this by saying that I am not a MATCHMAKER, as I leave that up to my boy Paul C. Brunson! My goal with this is to simply expose people to good men and to simply use the platform to make an introduction. What you ADULTS choose to do after that is none of my business. With that being said if you reach out to the bachelor and y’all don’t make a connection then don’t take it personal because I don’t want any nasty emails or complaints. HA! People still have preferences but if it’s one thing I know it’s that you have to be in the game to win it! So if you see a bachelor you are interested in then please don’t be shy and be bold enough to reach out to him. Ladies you can’t say “there aren’t any good men” and then when I present you one you aren’t bold enough to let yourself be known! You never know what kind of connection you may find with this person but remember…SLOW DOWN and DATE WITH PURPOSE! 

I believe that my audience is a very mature audience and one thing I preach over and over is HONESTY! We must first be honest with ourselves and then honest with others! This isn’t a platform to create “friends with benefits” or “situationships” but yet a way to introduce a nice bachelor to other women who are serious about dating and forming a relationship. This isn’t to say that everyone will be your “type” or that you will have any chemistry but I would just ask that you represent the Xklusive Thoughts brand in a mature manner. What you do after they find you is your business, but just keep in mind what we are trying to do and represent through this endeavor. We want to change the narrative and that starts with exposing and highlighting our good men instead of letting the media and internet represent for us.

I will be launching soon so look out for the first Bachelor of The Month coming soon! Ladies instructions on how to contact the bachelor will be in the featured blog post! Hey you can look at this and roll your eyes and continue to be #TEAMSINGLE…. or you can give it a try!

MEN: If you are interested in being an Xklusive Bachelor of The Month or ladies if you know a man who would be a good bachelor then please email me at Info@XklusiveThoughts.Com! Thanks Xklusive Thoughts Family!



  1. Andrea says:

    I applaud you for doing this! While I don’t subscribe to the notion that there aren’t any good men who are available and interested in commitment and monogamy, my initial reaction was “great now they have even more options to choose from and many women will be competing for one man’s attention.” I’m still working to shift my thoughts to a positive viewpoint…it’s a daily effort and your take on relationships is always insightful! Thank you!

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