29 March 2016


 March 29, 2016

Ok God gave you a vision and a purpose….now what?? You see if it’s one thing I learned from attending Steve Harvey’s Act like a Success Conference it’s that a vision with no plan or any action shall just perish. Then I heard TD Jakes say this morning that “God can’t bless what you won’t build.” I say all of that to say this…after leaving last year’s conference I left inspired to want to build and the blessing started pouring in. I’ve landed numerous speaking engagements, gained many more clients, hosted multiple events, and became an author by launching my first book Teach Me How To Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!  The conference really blessed me and my mindset and now I’ve been invited back as a blogger to cover the event and I want you to join me!

One person whose story has continued to inspire me along the way though is that of Mr. Steve Harvey. I’ve watched the moves he has made over the years and the brand he has built through his platform and it is truly powerful. He continues to inspire many in their lives and in their relationships and I want you to have a piece of that pie. With that said the Act like a Success crew is hosting a giveaway that includes one FREE ticket to the Act like a Success Conference being held May 13th-15th in Atlanta, GA.

I’ve learned over the last few years it’s that you must invest in yourself and conferences like these are so powerful in that not only do you get to gain a lot of knowledge, but you also get to meet so many like-minded people and powerful people who are full of insight and willing to help you get to the next level.  If you’re feeling a little lost about life and where you want to go, or even if you have a big vision but not quite sure how to make it come to life then this conference is for you. If you’re looking to network and gain meaningful connections then this is for you as well. The lineup of speakers and presenters is phenomenal including people like Steve Harvey (of course), Patrice Washington, Doreen Rainey, and Teneshia Warner. Hey I’m giving you the opportunity to experience these people and many more for FREE so if you are interested see details below and enter into the contest and maybe you will be that one lucky winner!

You can enter for the contest/free giveaway HERE!

You can go ahead and get your ticket from the conference HERE!


“I am a member of the Act Like a Success Blogger Team and they provided me with compensation for this
event. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.” #ad


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